Charlie's Op 2004

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In October Charlie was quite poorly.  He could barely raise his head for a biscuit and was clearly in a lot of pain when trying to get about.  It came on very suddenly and was quite worrying given that it was only a couple of weeks before we departed for Cuba.  

Some excellent work by our vetinary practice, and a quick referral to one of the national specialists had Charlie diagnosed with a severe slipped disc in his spine at the base of his neck.

Surgery was recommended and we were warned to expect him to be off his feet, doubly incontinent etc. for a couple of weeks after the procedure, which had to be done from the front rather than the back to avoid damaging his spinal chord.

When the surgeon telephoned to say that the (3 1/2 hour) operation was over, he reported Charlie leaping about like a puppy with all his drip lines in!

He had a wonderful convalescence in the vetinary hospital whilst we were in Cuba and became the darling of the staff, keeping them company on the reception desk during the night!

So nearly 3,500 later we have a much happier dog and he is gaining his strength from gradually increasing walks. His fur is growing back VERY slowly.  He's been promised a chest wig for Christmas!

21 December 2004

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