photos 2002

2002 a busy year with 3 holidays, Kairen 'retiring' and plenty of events and parties.


New Zealand - March

It's a long way to NZ, but our 3 week trip was well worth the effort.  Spectacular scenery, friendly people, oh and did we mention the wine?

Vancouver & The Rockies - July

Quite a surprise this one.  Tacked on the end of a business trip to Vancouver.  Kairen enjoyed exploring Vancouver whilst Laurie worked.  We weren't prepared for the spectacular scenery.  A great trip.

Burma - November

A controversial country to visit.  Hostile to travellers we were alarmed to find on arrival that no-one was expecting us!.  This little detail sorted and we had an insightful tour of a beautiful country wrestling with it's internal politics.

Spain - Christmas/New Year

Our first visit to Jan & Kev's new house in Spain.

Social Events

David Mills Retirement Party - February

Well the big man had to go sometime, and he went out with a hell of do.

Kairen's leaving do - March

Despite being pleased to retire there were tears when leaving long-time friends.

Girls Behaving Badly - Girlie Day out - May

The girlies go on a shopping week-end.  Not one for the faint-hearted!

Queen's Jubilee Party - June

Despite the rain, we kept with tradition and had an outdoor party to celebrate the queen's golden jubilee.

Our HSBC Family Fun Day Pictures - June

The annual family fun day at Dore. These are our family photos of the day

HSBC Family Funday - June

The official photos!

Birthday Party - August

Well it comes around every year and this is no exception. We even had good weather!

Architecture Christmas Party - Dec 

Laurie's team meets for the usual festive silliness.


Saddleworth Whit Week-end - May

The famous Saddleworth Brass Band competition made famous by the film 'Brassed Off'. Eric and Janet were our hosts and guide to this amazing contest with over 70 bands visiting the village in only 7 hours.

Silverstone F1 Testing Day - May

A day as guest of McLaren at the Silverstone test day a month before the British Grandprix.  Includes a really scary flight in the McLaren helicopter!

Laurie's week-end at the British Grand Prix - July

A whole week-end of formula 1.  As a guest of Hewlett Packard and Jaguar Racing.  Access to the pit lane, and a helicopter in on race day.



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