photos 2003

2003 the year that Laurie found out that he could retire!    



Toronto Ontario & Quebec - June

Following-up on the fantastic 2002 visit to the west coast of Canada we venture east to the cosmopolitan city of Toronto and on into deepest French Quebec.

The Silk Road - September

One of the classic adventures!  From the dangerous but beautiful Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan into medieval western China and across the vast country of China to Beijing.

Hovey Manor (Quebec) - Christmas & New Year

To celebrate retirement we totally indulged ourselves for Christmas and New Year.  Returning to Quebec and the beautiful Hovey Manor hotel we pamper ourselves and even see in the new year with a major film icon.


Social Events

Sam & Tom's Wedding - February   

Our good friends (and now neighbours) were married in a fairy-tale setting.  A Scottish castle for the week-end, excellent food, great friends and a fabulous unforgettable event.

Burton's Bash, TA re-union - March

Dave Burton leaves the TA...something no one ever believed would happen.  A chance to meet people we hadn't seen for some time.

Sam & Tom's BBQ - August

A sunny day in August, family friends and neighbours enjoy the warmth, friendship and food.

Fairy Claire's 40th Birthday Party - December

Claire lives out her childhood fantasy and enjoys the birthday theme she never had. 


Doncaster Plant 150 - July

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Great Northern Railway works in Doncaster.

Rail enthusiasts came from miles around to see the locos at the plant's Open Day.

Sheffield Blue Light Show - July

South Yorkshire emergency services have an open day and we get a VIP invitation!  

American Adventure - July

Claire, Chelsie, Ian and Kairen have a day out at the theme park.



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