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Kite Flying and Glenys Goes Home

Tuesday 10th  39c

Wendy and David left us,  it was a nice breeze so we decided to go to Mossman Beach to fly our kite. We had great difficulty in achieving this so Glenys took photos and laughed while we ran up and down the beach trying to get the bl**dy thing to fly... all in 39c.

Had dinner at Doug's and Jeannie joined us. Doug had gashed his leg quite badly on Monday. We teased him saying how many 90 year olds go to their doctors to get their leg stitched because they had fallen off the treadmill at the gym!

Kite flying at Mossman Beach
...well...trying to kite fly at Mossman Beach
..if you can't fly it..wear it!
braving the sharks in the Indian Ocean

Wednesday 11th February

Glenys has got ground-rush so she went to the beach. Loz and Kebs are still crispy from the kite flying!  We went for a mooch into town where an ice coffee found us! Pat & Derek joined us at Joondalup in the evening so that was great. Jason and Kim have rented the house next to Andy & Janine their container of furniture from England arrives tomorrow.

Thursday 12th (34c) 

Glen now has serious 'ground rush' so she went to the beach to top up her tan (if you look at the pictures of her I think they will believe she is an illegal immigrant when she arrives in the UK).

We all went for a mooch to South Mole where we could see the cruise ship Arcadia in dock - the largest passenger ship ever to dock in WA. This was the day of 20kmh winds we thought we were going to get blown off the mole. We rewarded ourselves with an ice coffee.

Now comes the Sad B******d bit, we then sat outside listening to Toby Foster (our local radio presenter on Radio Sheffield) via the internet.  Obviously a cold beer or three helped us get over any homesickness we may have had at this point!


A last mooch around Freo for G.

Wendy & Doug came to say bye, they brought chocolate buns to help make it easier. Jeanie called to say goodbye to Glenys and bring us a Valentines pressie.

Far too quickly it was time to drive to the airport, we talked about the weather, the colour of the sea anything meaningless. It was hard when the time came to say goodbye and watch Glen walk through to departures. The house when we got back seemed empty and strange.  (I was going to say quiet but Glen will 'bash' me when we get home!)

South Mole lighthouse
The Arcadia is in port
the last ice coffee?...
the last Creatures?.....
the last night for G at Joe's
the 'aberdiginny' with us is Glenys!
the view from our table of the sunset
"now did I really order this?"
breakfast at Marichino's
Doug and Wendy dropped by to say farewell
Edna comes home early from bowls to say goodbye
it's a spectacular last sunset
sad farewells to G as she heads home.
We think she had fun!

Saturday 14th February

It's Valentines Day. We opened our cards... Jeanie's pressie was a beautiful bottle of French champagne with two flutes. The weather was cloudy so we booked our November holiday. The power of the internet!  Had a bottle of fizz to celebrate the day and the holiday. We went to Freo's 'best' restaurant for dinner. Posh bib and tucker on. It was lovely, the food was fabulous, we had two bottles of fizz with dinner. Back home we phoned Trailfinders and paid the money for our flights in November ...we have to come back now! Hurrah!!

..it's lobster
...followed by icky sticky pudding!


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