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Busy doing nothing...again!

Monday 19th  38c

Loz has hurt his ankle so the running has been put on hold, must be where Kebs kept kicking him, at least it worked for a while.

This morning the air had cleared after the storm and the blue sky was back.

We have really got into the time zone ... we get up around 7.30/8.00 drink lots of coffee have some brekkie get dressed about 9 and then start the day.  We've also taken to walking down to the beach for a couple of hours each day (as you do!).   

This Monday we were on the beach with about a dozen other people on a huge beach and this guy came up and put his towel right next to Kebs. He had been sleeping rough so Glen kept her head down and Loz pretended to be asleep leaving Kebs to pass the time of day with him.

"After my good person act I was laying on my tum I felt something on my bum so went to take it off and the little bu**er stung me. I jumped up, forgot I had undone my bikini top, said a rude word because of the sting then realised my boobs were flapping in the wind. Another scream at Loz to 'do something'.

With my wardrobe malfunction corrected,  my finger was now the size of two so I had to go in the sea (shark spotting planes still flying above ... 1.5m pointer was sighted 20m from the shore on Sunday!) to cool my finger down!  There is an irony of insect bite vs. shark bite in there somewhere!

We had to call at Little Creatures in the afternoon for a beer to help with the pain management. Loz and Glenys being the true friends they are had some too. They advised me to drink it rather than dipping my finger in it to keep it cool."

A pint of 'Roger' at Little Creatures
It's Pipsqueak for Glenys
See...they did go on holiday together!
Chilling on the patio
Talking to back home

Tuesday at the beach Kebs was paranoid. So much so that when we left the beach we had to call at South Beach Cafe for an ice cream

Wednesday 21st 30c

We watch the inauguration of Barack  Obama. It was amazing to watch such a piece of history. I do hope he can bring some stability and peace to the world. It could do with it.

We gave the beach a miss (Kebs finger is still swollen and numb) and went to the museum at the Old Asylum. It was fascinating, we have never been there before and the history of Freo was really well presented. We even got to Memorial Hill (a cenotaph)  another first. The temperatures each day have been high 30c low 20c.

 We were having a birthday tea at our house that night for Jeanie.  Doug Wendy and Susan came too.  We had a great evening with birthday cake, wine, and lots of laughs.

The recession is hitting here too. Wendy's son Tim was made redundant from the mine that day where he worked ... as were 599 others.

The Fremantle Museum is in the building which was originally an asylum
Glenys ponders over an ice coffee
Memorial Hill
The skyline of Fremantle is very low-rise
Some splendid old cottages
It's Jeanie's birthday
Wendy prepares the candles on the cake
...and Jeanie blows them out

Thursday 22nd

I didn't think we could get any more lazy but, with practise we are managing it really well.

Made it to the craft market in the town which was nice as they had a stage set up for school kids to busk on.

In the evening we went to Andy & Janine's for our weekly visit to Kul-cha. We had moved it from Wednesday because of Jeanie's birthday.

They have put in and had accepted an offer on the house in Morangup. Their house in Joondalup had gone on the market that morning. Had a great meal lots of excitement about the potential house move.

Laurie's approaching horizontal
Iced coffees..yum!
where did they go?
a modern part of Freo
erm...how do we tell her it doesn't fit?
a mooch around town
the Thursday market
one of the many well preserved colonial buildings
cool chicks too!
Rupert's still a cutie
...and Nero a softy


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