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Cool Days and Sharks!

Monday 12th  27c

A cool day!

Still not in the time zone. Laurie had been coughing quite a bit during the night, still from his New Year cold,  so Kebs looked even more like a walking zombie.

We walked down to South beach (1.25miles each way) sat watching people in the water. While listening to the shark spotting helicopter flying over head! A man had been eaten last week just down the coast and more sharks have been sighted along our stretch of coast. As if Kebs needed any more excuses not to go in the water!

Later on we went on a serious booze run followed by another last night trying to stay awake.

South Beach

Tuesday 13th  26c

The forecast is for some stinking hot weather so we need to make the most of this nice temperature today.

Loz and Kebs went for a run to South Beach and back at 6.30 before the sun came up and it got too hot. Glen was still in bed when we got back!

Loz did another booze run, are you starting to get the picture?   In the run up to Australia Day the booze is at it's cheapest so we are stocking up. Trouble is we keep drinking it!

Glen and Kebs stayed at the house and did an hour's Tai Chi. Well we tried it was blazing hot and Loz had taken the communal brain cell. We ended up doing 'Free Form' also known as make it up as you go along!

Went to garden City a 'large shopping Centre' no where near as big as Meadowhall.

'Free form' Tai Chi

Wednesday 14th 30c

Loz went jogging again at 6.30 Kebs thought about him while he was gone!

Walked to South Beach and had an hours sunbathing. Kebs paddled but nothing else. Helicopters still around spotting for sharks.

Wednesday is Kul-Cha night. We go up to Joondalup to Andy & Janine's then out for a meal at a Vietnamese restaurant of that name. Always yummy and cheap as chips.

Russel was at home when we arrived he had rolled his car at the weekend. He and his passenger got out with minor cuts and bruises, the car is a write off.

Andy & Janine have seen a house that they would like to move to. 28 Acres in the middle of nowhere, watch this space....



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