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Busy doing nothing and a trip to the air museum

Sunday 22nd February  38c

Well after all the excitement of the swim yesterday we did what we are becoming very good at...bu**ger all!
We managed to walk to the market for our weekly fruit and veg. followed by a wander down the Creatures Loft.   It was a stinking hot and sticky day so we needed some cold liquid refreshment. Got chatting to two South African Airline pilots, they too felt the weather warranted liquid intake. It must have been hot because when we got back home Edna, Pam and Chris joined us in this activity! ....It's contagious.


The 'Bad Piper' entertains outside Freo Markets
(he plays heavy rock on the bagpipes!)
The Bad Piper
Laurie lends a hand to push an old cruiser
Creatures beer reaches the parts....
Edna, Pam and Chris joined us


Monday 23rd

We, (yes 'we') had a bike ride to Cottesloe, followed by ice coffee in Esplanade Park. Chris and Pam had invited us round to their house for dinner and  we were joined by neighbours Edna, Tony and Lyn.

We had a lovely meal. Then it got out of hand...we introduced them to 'Rusty Nails - (Drambuie and whiskey in equal measures).... thing is they liked it so we made more....you get the picture. I think we were upstanding when we ventured home but who knows!


Kairen's made it to the Indiana Tearooms at Cottesloe
The cafe in the park that is constructed from an old railway carriage and has been there since 1912.
Dinner at Chris & Pam's
Chris cuts Edna's yummy cake

Tuesday was a quiet morning in the courtyard. When people eventually came out, the sun was the enemy...it must have been because they were wearing dark glasses! The sun took offence and went behind some clouds so we never got past the patio!

Wednesday - our first rain! We drove up to Midland to meet Jenny and Ian Ross for lunch (Ian flew with Reggie Baker during the war). It was lovely to see them both looking so well.

Ian & Jenny Ross
'Noises off...'
Sometimes when we are on the telephone to home, people ask what the background noises are.  We explain 'we have parrots'.

The large palm tree in our garden (see photo right), just beside the patio, is home to a dozen or more lorikeets.

They squawk a bit in the mornings (oh! for a sparrow or blackbird instead).

They spend about an hour every night before sunset scrapping and squawking very loudly.

They've dug big holes in the trunk of the tree for nests, from which they keep a close eye on us.

Thursday 25th

The blue sky is back.  Together with Doug, Wendy and David we went to visit the Western Australia Aviation Museum. It was brilliant and the volunteers were so helpful. There were a group of newly qualified RAAF pilots visiting too. They were friendly and rightfully very proud of their 'new wings' achievement. We had lunch in the mess before taking Doug home.

A Lancaster bomber
newly qualified pilots are on a day out
Laurie's found the Sunderland section
a great photo of a returning Sunderland crew at Portsmouth
Laurie explores inside the Lancaster
a great museum

Friday 27th - 34c

Back into the 30c's and an early start we went to the passenger terminal to meet Mandy and Grant from their Bali cruise on the cruise ship Athena. They were so excited it was lovely to hear all their stories and watch the DVD and see the photos. Wandered to Creatures where we were joined by two dancers off the Athena. More beer, and food. Back home for a nanny nap before heading out on the Strip for more beer and food at our favourite Italian - Bella Roma.

Cruise ship Athena
Nicola & Marcus from the Athena join us at Creatures
Grant enjoys his pizza


Saturday 28th

Mooch around the town, Mandy and Grant bought a painting. To celebrate we went to the Sail and Anchor for a beer and to watch the street artists. Tonight Loz cooked a barbie - the first we have had at our house. It was brilliant so we had lots of beer to celebrate his achievement

...a lazy start to the day for Mandy & Grant
Mandy's bought a picture!
watching the street performers from The Sail & Anchor
Loz's first BBQ of the holiday


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