Australia 2004

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Date last updated: 28 June 2005




Picture of the Week (so far..)

Laurie finds the ideal eating place

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High Spots (so far...)


Interesting Facts
  • Australian wine is more expensive here than in the UK (due to 42% tax)

  • Supermarkets can't sell alcohol. You have to purchase it from a bottle shop which is usually attached to a licensed premises. Many of them are huge 'drive thru' affairs.

  • Australians are taxed from the first dollar they earn.

  • When a kangaroo has a baby the first time it suckles the teat grows so that the joey can't let go for several weeks.

  • The population of Australia is less than 20 million.  (108 million sheep).

  • Kairen's cousin has been nominated as Horsewoman of the Year.

  • An Australian Wine Club covers the whole process from growing the grapes, to making and then drinking the wine.

  • They will find any reason to persuade you not to climb Ayers Rock

  • Wine by the box is a lot cheaper than by the bottle (for the same wine).

  • Wages are relative to the UK, but property prices comparable (especially in West)

  • Road signs are very sparse

  • The most useless thing we took to Australia - a necktie!




Funny Moments

The look on Laurie's face when he saw that his plan to keep a low profile on the Neighbours tour was going to be difficult given the decor of the bus! missus!

We finally found a car for us!




Laurie burns at Port Douglas


  • Love the the people

  • Most Ausies are very friendly and go out of their way to help and be friendly

  • Oz is VERY British perhaps more so than Britain

  • Of all the Brits we've met so far, they all love the weather but some still miss home.

  • Out of the city you acknowledge every car you see because there are so few.

  • A 56m long Road Train takes some passing!

  • The 'roadhouses' are excellent stops for food.

  • The flies are a PIA!

  • There's lots of bush!!!  The first 100km are interesting...the next 2000 aren't!

  • The sun is ferrocious.

  • James Boag's beer is yummy!

  • Ayers Rock Resort makes London look cheap!

  • Aussie's love their gardens - most are immaculate

  • They love life!

  • They like pies

  • National dress is thongs (flip-flops, boardies (shorts) and a singlet.